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Tohnichi PQL&Z Series Torque Wrenches

Ratchet Head Type Pre-Lock Torque Wrenches
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•Pre-lock version of QL model.
•When torque is set, it cannot be moved with any tool except hex key. Workers can not easily change torque set.
•Suitable for single purpose bolt tightening as preset type with graduation.
•A click will signal that the proper amount of torque has been applied.
•The ratchet head features 24 teeth accurately ground to provide durability and creates movement at 15 degree intervals which allows for gear ease of tightening in confined spaces.
•Easy torque setting by graduation.
•With resin grip.
•Applicable to use in the EU region. Comply with calibration procedures of ISO6789 Type II Class A.


PQLLS Series with Limit Switch Output


See specs above

PQLZ Series Pre-Lock Adjustable Insulate Torque Wrench